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The Drain the Pain Technique
My proprietary process for releasing emotional upset before it becomes a problem. When you use this technique, you'll be able to handle even the most difficult situations effectively!
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In This Free Download, You'll Discover How To…

Increase Happiness & Inner Peace

Life is stressful and chaotic...especially these days...leading to anxiety and upsets. Through "Drain the Pain" you will immediately feel better, smile more, be more relaxed and feel more in control of your life.

Be a Better Parent and Partner

Upsets can seriously damage relationships. Unlock self-mastery that will empower you to give and receive more love, enjoy your loved ones more and increase the feeling of appreciation that you receive.

Release Body Pain and Tension

A lot of muscle pain, fatigue and tension comes from stress and upsets. Increase your freedom of movement, enjoy more ease in your body, have more energy and simply feel better overall!

Be More Successful at Work

Successfully navigating one's career can be a challenge. You'll be able to influence more effectively, build stronger relationships and better manage drama...significantly enhancing your career potential in the process!!
Hi! I'm Mark Youngblood...
I'm the founder of Pathway To Radiance and I've been practicing transformational coaching and teaching my Inner Mastery Methodology for more than 25 years. 

 I help people heal their emotional wounding and clear their blocks and limitations through my "Pathway To Radiance" online programs.

This video and book chapter will help you to feel better and have more control over your life through my "Drain the Pain" technique.

With it, you'll have better health, more loving relationships, greater well-being, and success in life!!


Find out why over 2437 students have chosen Mark Youngblood's training...

"This simple technique can be used anywhere and anytime. With frequent use, I have found my emotions flow freely, meaning I no longer get stuck in drama loops. It is like I do not crave the negativity and I do not feel it as deeply - such a huge weight has been lifted and I feel more balance within."

- Penny L
"While dealing with multiple deaths in the family in a very short amount of time, I found myself getting triggered easily and experiencing a lot of anger. I used the ‘Drain the Pain’ technique to rapidly let go of the anger, get immediate relief and quickly become centered again. This allowed me to recognize there is something that needs to be addressed, and put me in a better space to deal with it.”

- Kimberly R
"I have always been a very emotional person, and through the Drain the Pain technique, I have discovered that I carry an extraordinary amount of it in my neck. The technique has helped me release a lot of that tension and effectively reduce the number of tension headaches I experience. It leaves me feeling lighter and less emotionally reactive." 

- Victoria C

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